• To be able to clean to a high standard and preferably have knowledge or on the job training of many different types of cleans. I personally have been cleaning for over 25 years, I feel it is essential you have on the job experience cleaning to be able to run a successful cleaning business. This will not only help with quoting jobs, but also with understanding the industry.
  • Strong management skills, if you are looking to expand your business and have a team of cleaners working within your business and looking to build a large client base, it is essential you have strong management skills.
  • Be able to market your business, you will want people to use your service so it is important to have a strong presence in the market of the area you are servicing.
  • Some book keeping skills, as your business grows so will your book work. You can outsource this of course, however it is best you have some knowledge in this area. I was an accounts clerk for 8 years before starting my cleaning business so this gave me an advantage, however there are short courses you could take.
  • A dedication to your business. Running a business doesn’t start at 9am and finish at 5pm each day. It takes up a lot of your time especially when starting up your business.

Yes, running your own business can be challenging at times, however the rewards are the satisfaction of creating a business that reflects your hard work, to be able to support yourself financially, to have the freedom to say yes or no, to be able to work as much or as little as suited to your lifestyle.

Elizabeth is the owner and managing director of Lizzy-Annes Cleaning Services, a successful cleaning business run with her husband and business partner Jason, providing their service to the people of the Illawarra on the South Coast of NSW.

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